Time-Saving Scripts, Panels & Actions

Photoshop World tutorials by Russell Brown

"Dr. Brown" will spotlight his incredible collection of useful CS5 Panels, and Scripts, for both designers and photographers.


Painting Assistant Panel

In this episode, Russell Brown demonstrates how to turn a photograph into a painting with some help from this step-by-step guided panel. Take the guesswork out of choosing the correct brush. Just click! - And start painting.

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Smart Image Detailing Action

Learn to enhance the fine details in an image with this special technique developed by the photographer Calvin Hollywood. This tutorial also demonstrates how to combine these detailing techniques with Smart Objects.

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Adobe Emailer Panel Version 2.1.0

Prepping images and attaching them to an email just got a lot easier with the Adobe Emailer panel. This panel takes advantage of new technology in Photoshop CS5 to resize, save, sharpen, and email your photos all in one shot. Check out the video tutorial to see how it works.

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Adobe Watermark Panel Version 2.0.6

Need to watermark a photo? You got it! Need to watermark 100 of them? No sweat. The all new Adobe Watermark panel takes all the hassle out of watermarking and let's you get back to work (or doing the other things you like to do) a lot faster. This new and improved version will only work with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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Edit Layers in ACR Script

This super advanced script will convert a standard layer in Photoshop CS5, into a Smart Object that can be edited with the Adobe Camera Raw tools. This is definitely for advanced users only.

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Advanced Pixel Bender Painting Filter

Discover some of my favorite advanced techniques for working with the new Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-in and Adobe Photoshop CS5. This technique will demonstrate how to use this new filter in combination with Smart Objects.

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Star Trails Action

Discover the new Star Trail Action that is built into Adobe Photoshop CS5. Also learn how to adjust the opacity of multiple selected layers.

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Dr. Brown's Services 2.0.5

Dr. Brown's scripts are a collection of time saving utilities for designers and photographers. Use the new CS5 Extension Manager to install both the Mac and PC versions. If the Extension Manager does not work on your system, then use the manual installation process.

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Mike Hale's Mode and Stack Modes Panels

Special thanks to Mike for letting me demonstrate, and distribute, this great set of panels for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended. The first panel is called Mode and it helps users set the Blend Mode for multiple selected layers in Photoshop. The second panel is called Stack Modes, it's designed for Photoshop CS5 Extended users and it speeds up the process of selecting the different stack modes from this easy to use panel. Both panels are extremely useful and should be added to your tool set.

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Cameron McEfee's GuideGuide Panel

Special thanks to Cameron for letting me demonstrate, and distribute, this great panel for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended. If you're looking for a great way to automate the creation of guides, or to locate the center of any selection in Photoshop then Cameron's GuideGuide panel has been designed for you. You can download this free panel from Cameron's web site and learn more details about using this panel at this location:

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