What's New for Video in Photoshop CS5

Uploaded May 30, 2010

By: Zorana Gee


The vast majority of video professionals use Adobe Photoshop software to help them create and enhance visual effects and motion graphics, or to prepare still images and text for inclusion in video projects. With new Photoshop CS5 Extended, you can leverage cross-platform 64-bit support, the unrivaled Photoshop image-editing toolset, and Adobe 3D Forgeo the powerful Photoshop 3D engine that enables you to create and enhance 3D and motion-based content. Plus, you can enjoy tighter integration with Adobe tools you use every day, including Adobe After Effects CS5, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Realistically blend colors on canvas with the new Mixer Brush, and paint on 2D and 3D artwork more naturally using lifelike Bristle Tips. Remove an image element, and let Content-Aware Fill intelligently replace the missing pixels.Use new Exposure Merge technology to create photorealistic or wildly surreal 32-bit HDR images with unprecedented speed, control, and accuracy. Take advantage of new Adobe Repousse technology to easily create 3D artwork from any text layer, selection, or layer mask. And so much more.

EPISODE: What's New for Video in Photoshop CS5


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