Insecurity CPS

Uploaded March 13, 2013


We decided to choose this topic because we feel everyone is insecure about something and we wanted to address some of our insecurities. We interviewed students whom had insecurities, and we used the most common topics. We wanted our peers to relate to them. We had three students draw how they view themselves and then how society viewed them so we took a full body shot. I think what stood out in the film was the imagine in the end we wanted to inspire others to be themselves and to love who they are as a person regardless of what society says. We want others to see that they are not alone. We want everyone to try not judging a book by its cover. We learned how much everyone struggles with different things on a daily basis and just because they smile and dress nice doesn't mean that on the inside they feel okay.

EPISODE: Insecurity CPS


SHOW: Adobe Youth Voices

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